Last update 1st of July 2004:

97 participats from    21 Countires and 13 speakers


Last update 1st of July 2004:                          97 participats from 21 Countires and 13 speakers

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Science and Antigypsism

“The failure of the scientific thinkting on the Roma and Sinti reseaches”

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Launch Date of the Website “The Roma History” 04.07.2004 just on this Domain.

This unique Website will be launched on the “Science and Antigypsism” Conference.

Website will Include:

- The full thousand years of Roma History from Asia to Europe                                                                             - Dozens of never seen Maps and Picutres                           - Webite will be in German, English, Finnish and Romanes   - Flash Animations “The early Roma History”               - History Links


Organised by

Rom und Cinti Union e.V.

financed through money from

Fachbereich Erziehungswissenschaften